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Pre-Fall 2023

Fancifully Ever After

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Always here to spoil you, we also debut the 'diamonds of the season'  - our new hand crafted jewellery range.  Choose from Marie Antoinette inspired chokers, velveteen blooms and romantic layered pieces. 

You'll also notice the return of a few favourites from earlier in the year. Here for another chance to grace your closet.

Once there were 2 girls who decked themselves out in fanciful bows and lived high on a hill in a white house with sash windows.  Their days were filled with collecting vintage glass ornaments, shopping for ribbons in the nearby town, and prancing around in their favourite dresses. 


Despite the bonds of sisterhood the girls were dissimilar in almost every way!  Whilst one was quiet and reserved, the other was bold and saucy.  Nevertheless they bonded through a shared love of pink fizz, glitzy jewels, and closets filled with piles of pastel organza.  

As the evenings started to draw in a a soft chill they began to spend more time indoors.  There they dried roses which had been carefully picked from the garden and let the fragrant petals float in basins of water to create eau de rose.  In their little house all was peaceful and calm, and as the hazy days of summer slipped away into a dream, they laughed away fond memories of days spent under the sun. 

August vanished into a dream... but the bonds of friendship grew forever stronger, and together they made a pact. To live fancifully ever after...

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Fancifully Ever After sees the launch of our much longed for Heart of Glass capsule.  Exquisite pieces crafted from our spectacular and exclusive, lit-from-within organza.  Currently available in the softest shade of sage green. 

We are also proud to launch the heavenly Modern Romance print, an impossibly romantic medley of isolated rose stems, painted exclusively for Fanciful Doll. She can be found on 2 all-new silhouettes - the extravagant Debutante Gown, and the sweet Dalliance dress (our first dress to feature a detachable train). 

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This season we invite you to live

Fancifully Ever After

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