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Affiliate Program

Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms & conditions carefully before submitting your application.  If you are accepted into our program then you will be emailed a copy of these terms for your continual reference. 

Initial Acceptance and Product Purchase

  • The affiliate program allows you to receive 30% discount off 1 item from our website everything 3 months

  • Upon being accepted into the scheme you will be emailed a discount code.  This code is for single use only.  

  • You will be sent a new code every 3 months if the affiliation is to continue.  In order to continue affiliation we need to see that you are actively sharing our products.  If we are happy with the affiliation and wish to continue working together then we will email you a new code after the initial 3 month period. This will happen automatically.  

  • The 30% off code is for your personal use only.  It cannot be used to purchase product for friends or family.    Please note that if we believe your discount is being used for others then we retain the right to cancel your order and remove you from the scheme.

  • Fanciful Doll retain the right to select our affiliates based on them matching our criteria for affiliation, and we are not able to provide feedback to individuals

Unique Discount Code

  • Upon being accepted into the scheme you will be email a code entitling your audience to receive incentives to purchase our products.  These incentives will be communicated to you on successful entry into the scheme.

  • The code is usually your name, or your handle on Instagram.

  • Your audience can use this code an unlimited amount of times, for example the same person can make multiple purchases from us using your code

  • You are encouraged to share you code as much and by as many platforms as you wish in order to have maximum impact


  • When a member of your audience places an order on our website using your unique affiliate code you will automatically earn 1o% commission on the sale

  • We pay out commissions 30 days after the sale has been placed and money received

  • If within this 30 day period the customer cancels or returns their order then the commission will be automatically cancelled and is not paid out

  • For commissions earned on pre-orders, the pay out will be 3o days after the order ships

  • When you are accepted into the scheme we will give you access to your personal dashboard where you can monitor commissions and payouts.  Access to the dashboard is for you only.  You must keep your login details secure and ensure they are not shared with any third parties.  If you believe security on your account has been breached you must contacted us immediately at

  • Fanciful Doll retain the right to cancel commissions if the order placed does not qualify

  • Purchases do not qualify for commission for any if the following reasons: 1) customer cancels or returns purchase, 2) product has been purchased for resale or any other commercial reason, 3) and product purchase that is not tracked correctly due to incorrect formatting on your platform, 4) any product purchased from our website through a paid search placement

  • IMPORTANT NOTE - From time to time, we may make changes to the advertising fee rates including but not limited to 1.) Exclude certain products or categories of products from earning commissions and/or 2.) Reduce or Increase the commission for specific products or categories of products. We may also run special or limited time offers or promotions under which you may earn commission on Products or categories of Products that were previously excluded from earning commission, or you may earn increased rates from those set forth above.

Cancelling Affiliation

  • Fanciful Doll retain the right to cancel your affiliation with us without warning should we believe any disingenuous practices are taking place, including but not limited to, sharing your code with a third party like a coupon website

  • We may also cancel affiliation with you if we believe the values you are sharing and/or promoting do not align with our brand

  • You have the right to terminate your agreement with us at any time by submitted your request in writing to

  • If you terminate your affiliation with us you will no longer be able to use our discount codes or earn commission

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